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Address: Kolejowa St. 16, 32-332 Bukowno, Poland
Mirosław Gajdziszewski
Municipal Office:
tel. +48 32 626-18-20
fax. +48 32 642-15-44
Council Chairman:
Edmund Gmitruk

Municipal Council:
tel. +48 32 626-18-20
fax. +48 32 642-15-44



Area: ca. 63,4 km2
Population: ca. 10 000

Photo - The Diabla Mtn.Bukowno is located in the southern part of Poland, half-way between two major cities: Kraków and Katowice. It is situated within the area of two deserts, its landmarks being white calciferous rocks, forests and old strip mines. Geologically, the area was formed during the Tetriary Period - the land is mildly hilly as a result of water, wind and glacial influence.The natural features are considerably deformed because of human activities (dumping grounds, strip mines, embankments). Almost one-sixth of the Commune's area is subject to hydraulic filling performed by the Szczakowa Filling Mine.


April 2nd, 1991 saw in incorporation of the rural administrative districts of Bukowno Stare and Wodąca. The population density ratio is 174 people per 1 sq. km. Photo - Sztoła River

Bukowno is an industrial town whose character is largely determined by the Bolesław Mining and Metallurigcal Plants. In spite of its industrial growth and the quick development of the municipal infrastructure, Bukowno - with its vast forested areas, the river and the nearby Pustynia Błędowska (the Błędowska Desert) - managed to preserve its character of a recreation centre.


  • 1402 - the first mention of Starczynów (presently part of Bukowno)
  • the 15th c. - the beginnings of the exploitation and smelling of the lead ore
  • 1555 - the Żupnik (a contemporary district chief) of Olkusz, Jost Ludwik Decjusz, starts the construction of a lead works
  • the 19th c. - the Ulisses, the Leonidas (in Tłukienka) and the Jerzy Coal Mines are constructed
  • 1886 - the Vienna-Ivanogrod Railway knifes through Bukowno
  • 1935 - Bukowno accessible by rail from Szczakowa
  • 1950 - the construction of the Bolesław Mining and Metallurgical Plants started
  • 1962 - Bukowno recognised as town. The origins of the name can be traced to the local dense beech forests (beech = pol. buk).


Photo - Mining and Metallurgical PlantBukowno is conveniently situated within the existing transportation system. The project for the spatial development of Bukowno provides for the assignment of grounds for the construction of transportation bases and storing establishments. The grounds are situated next to the railway track and are mainly communal property which makes them easily available. The main switching station of the electricity network is also situated in the town. The fi 400 pipeline linking Bukowno with the water purification plant in Olkusz is the guarantee of continous water supply. The present and extended infrastructure allows for the situation of industries in Bukowno.